Friday, 24 July 2020

Honorable President Moon Jae-in South Korea

Honorable President Moon Jae-in
South Korea
I am a Buddhist monk from Myanmar, Ashin Htavara, who teaches people the spirit of Buddhist, peaceful mind in Norway.
As a brief introduction to me, I have been living in Norway through political exile in India for participating in the Saffron Revolution with the people for democracy in Myanmar in 2007. I think it is the spirit of the Buddha that everyone is free to share ideas and work for peace. To this end, I am doing everything I can to educate the children for the ongoing democratization of my country, Myanmar.
In this life, I became acquainted with HWPL, and I was so impressed with their peace movement, and I thanked the Chairman Lee for his enthusiasm for unstoppable peace and for his peace activities.
Also, I visited Korea three times from 2016 to 2018, and I was able to feel the warm hearts of Koreans, and I found that Koreans love peace. In addition, I had confidence in HWPL's peace activities by attending HWPL's WARP Summit and decided to become a messenger of peace with HWPL by acting as a Publicity Ambassador. Also, I thought Korea was a truly envious country that clearly showed me the direction my country should go. I was also envious of the fact that a private group called HWPL is working for world peace on behalf of the country.
However, at the beginning of this year, an unprecedented Corona19 infection occurred, and the world panicked, and Korea surprised the world with K-prevention and showed a mature response to Corona19 as a successful prevention policy.
I also heard from the media that about 4,000 Corona19 infections from the religious group Shincheonji were to be donated. For the development of therapeutic agents for coronavirus infections, the healer's serum is an essential part. If Korea is to develop Corona19 virus treatment, Korea would be doing a great job for humanity.
By the way, I came across an article that the fundamentalist of Christian moved politicians and the medias to suppress Shincheonji, and this was very shocking. Also, I think it is so shocking and sad to revoke permission to HWPL because the representative of Shincheonji and the representative of HWPL are the same person. I don't understand why even the peace movement is forbidden.
Corona19 may be inconvenient to each other, but does not condemn the confirmers as sinners. I heard that the Bible teaches you to love your neighbor as yourself. If general Christians persecute Shinchonji because of the large number of Corona19 infected believers in Shincheonji, does it fit the teachings of the Bible? If Jesus knew this, what would Jesus think of Christians today?
If the Korean government listens only to the claims of mainstream Christianity and continues to persecute Shinchonji, I will appeal to the human rights activists and politicians in Norway for this injustice. As one of those who love Korea, I want the Korean government to make a fair decision.
I am writing this article in prayer, hoping for a righteous, people-conscious decision, and with an earnest desire to end the oppression of the religious and peace movements. I look forward to Korea, which shows the attitude of developed countries where freedom, human rights and religion are guaranteed.
Best regard
Ashin.Htavara (General Secretary)
All Buemses Monks Representative Committee. (ABMRC) .
Ole Vigs Gate 38 A, 7500 Stjørdal Norway
Tel: +47 45554784


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