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A message from my friend, Ashin Htavara, one of the leaders of the Saffron Revolution:

A message from my friend, Ashin Htavara, one of the leaders of the Saffron Revolution:
"11th July 2016
Distinguished and honourable guests, ladies and gentlemen, Good morning.I am Ashin Htavara (General Secretary), a member of the All Burmese Monks Representative Committee.(ABMRC)for justice and peace, World.
First of all, allow me to thank you all for honoring me this opportunity to present few words on the subject of “Responsibility to protect in the light of Buddhists Religious tradition”. Thank you all.
Before I start, I have a request of you all: please allow me to explain briefly about Buddha’s teachings, Buddhism and Buddhists Religious Traditions.
As you all have known, Buddha was delivering his teachings before the time of writing. Over two thousand, 2,500 years ago. So, it is very important to learn by heart, and by reciting, in the early centuries of Buddhists tradition. Please consider how easily distortable and variable it could be for an interpretation of the teachings.
Since the teachings themselves are distortable, the traditions themselves are easily distortable . That is why we have so many different practices and traditions in the light of Buddhism.
Now, Buddhism is facing abgreat distortion: Picturing Buddhism as a terrorist religion. I hope this presentation may answer the true color of Buddhism and its responsibility to protect it’s true value. For the protection of peace, nature, people and all the creatures from extinction from such distortions.
What is the true value of Buddhism?
Loving all beings, living or non living, believers as well as non believers, of the infinite-verse. Allow me to say. Not only a universe, nor a multi-verse, but the whole eternal infinite-verse. In short “Universal Love”.
As you are all familiar with the Christian teaching, “God is Love”, Buddhism’s true value is that kind of love for all. As Islam teaches: "Love for all; hatred for none”. Moreover, Buddha never taught to differentiate non-believers from believers.[It could be learned clearly in the famous Maha Parinibanna Sutra]. As the Baha’I teaching, “Oneness of mankind”.
In fact, He encouraged to have doubt[In Kalama Sutra]. He urged not to trust Him even. But He urged to simply practice. To get what you want, you must do something. Nothing will get nothing, except misery. If you want peace, you have to practice accordingly.
You don’t need to trust in the beginning. You will have trust on your practice. When you trust yourself and what you are doing, you get what you really wanted, and you will trust His teachings and Him.
Now, it is time to discuss what you or we, really want from this convention.
Allow me to suggest what we should want: Ways and Means to protect this world, the people and the environment from extinction and crisis.
We are facing an escalating danger, I believe.
Greed and selfishness of the Powerful Communities; Political, Military, Financial, Academic, Ideological, Religious and so on. Because of advancement of the science for better living and the cost of a standard of living. These things are driving people mad or crazy. It makes them an easy target for selfish and greedy extremists. Please consider, carefully.
To protect from such extremism should be the objective of all religious leaders. Allow me to say:
Buddha never encouraged extremism. In fact He encouraged moderacy, leniency, avoiding extremes and the Eight Fold Path as his most valued teaching. So, Buddhist traditions taught Buddhists to be lenient, avoiding extremes, to be be patient and tolerant.
But, human beings are easily corruptible. We should all keep this in mind. Without proper guidance, policing or coaching, the human mind likes to dwell on stupid and bad things. To keep people’s minds from straying from good deeds, it is very important for the religious leaders to steer their followers’ away from bad thinking towards the right direction; every moment, every action and every movements. That is the responsibility of the religious leaders. To protect their followers from straying away from good deeds.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished and honourable guests, Buddhism has many teachings regarding how to practice your mind to be on the right track all the time. Buddha told his disciples that there were many ways to achieve peace. He Himself has taught many methods, too. So, I believe there might be many teachings in every religion about training the mind to achieve peace . The importance is for religious leaders to find them and select the most suitable for their followers. We should avoid extremes as all religions taught.
No religion should embrace extremism.
I, as a Buddhist, believe:
Only the selfish and greedy religious/ political leaders embrace extremism. Please allow me to remind you all.
To end my presentation, I'd like to point out that it is our responsibility as the citizens of this world to protect it from extinction. Extinction caused by the human beings is inevitable and approaching faster, if we don't neglect religious and political extremism. As one of the Buddhists Religious Leaders, I am helping the spread of “Avoiding of Extremes” and “Building Love” in my country. Especially among the Five Major Religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian, Islam and Baha’i. Here, I brought the Teachings of those five religions, regarding “Love”. One important step is “Building Love among Religions”. To prevent the extinction of peace, people and the environment. Regardless of religion, belief, race, skin color, gender or citizenship. I wish for all to have the same thinking.
Indeed, Buddhists do not follow a religion. It is just as it is.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Have a nice day.
Ashin.Htavara (General Secretary)
All Buemses Monks Representative Committee. (ABMRC)


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